Wanted: Street Team

2016-01-09 13.44.35

In TOKENS AND OMENS, Moira (Fate) gives out tokens for good behavior and omens for bad to the 16 yr. olds in Puck’s Gulch.

To celebrate the book release on July 19, 2016, I’m looking for people who will leave 7-8 painted stones in a public place like a park, library, or coffee shop. I’ll send you the stones and ask that you give me the names of any local newspapers so I can send a press release. Your reward (besides helping a debuting author!) is a beautiful Moira stone like this one.

I’d like to hit as many states as possible. If interested, please contact me at jeribaird11@gmail.com

I have 42 people leaving stones in the following locations:

5 State, 2 Wheels, 100 Stones Book Tour – Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah! Cities TBD

  1. California – Ontario
  2. Minnesota – Minneapolis
  3. Illinois – Charleston, Mattoon, Champaign-Urbana, Chicago, Effingham, Bloomington, Arcola
  4. Colorado – Montrose, Grand Junction, Fort Collins
  5. New Jersey
  6. Indiana – Indianapolis, Evansville
  7. Virginia – Lake of the Woods, Fredericksburg
  8. Michigan – Beaver Island
  9. Alabama – Mobile
  10. Florida – Naples
  11. Tennessee – Chattanooga
  12. Wyoming – Dubois
  13. Texas, Houston
  14. North Carolina – Wilmington
  15. Georgia – Hull
  16. Maine – Bethel, Norway
  17. Oregon – Hillsboro
  18. Alaska – Sitka
  19. Washington – Olympia
  20. Pennsylvania – Allentown
  21. Oklahoma
  22. Arkansas
  23. New Mexico
  24. Montana – Billings
  25. Idaho – Idaho Falls
  26. Utah – Salt Lake City
  27. Iowa
  28. Missouri
  29. Kansas
  30. East Haven, Connecticut
  31. Kauai, Hawaii










10 thoughts on “Wanted: Street Team

  1. Naples Florida Street Team reporting in!
    Stones dropped:
    Bench outside of food court at Coastland Mall
    Fleischman Park playground
    Gordon River Greenway kayak launch/playground
    Naples Zoo
    Golissano Childrens’ Museum
    Sun Splash Water Park
    Naples Pier


  2. I found a beautiful peacock stone today!!:) right outside where i work at the door. I walked out to take a break an there it was in crossville T.N Thank you so much:)


    • The peacock is an omen given for being prideful! In the book they need a sparrow token to counteract it in the quest. Sparrow is given for being humble.


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