What do the Tokens and Omens Mean?

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In TOKENS AND OMENS, the teens earn tokens and omens for the following behaviors:

The Peacock omen, earned when being prideful, is counteracted by the Sparrow token given for humbleness.

The Scorpion omen is given for envy and counteracted by a kindness token, the Dove.

Hornet omen given for anger is fought with the Turtle token, earned by patience.

Overindulgence reaps a Pig omen and can be overcome by the Butterfly token earned by fasting.

Being greedy will result in a Snake omen and can be beaten with a Hawk token given for generosity.

Other omens are thorns, colored stones, and the black panther, which is almost impossible to defend against.

Other tokens are stars, bread, a fox, a mountain lion, and a red wooden heart.

I’ve included with the stones other symbols from the book: trees, feathers, bow & arrows, and Zander’s patron animal, the coyote.