What do the Tokens and Omens Mean?

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In TOKENS AND OMENS, the teens earn tokens and omens for the following behaviors:

The Peacock omen, earned when being prideful, is counteracted by the Sparrow token given for humbleness.

The Scorpion omen is given for envy and counteracted by a kindness token, the Dove.

Hornet omen given for anger is fought with the Turtle token, earned by patience.

Overindulgence reaps a Pig omen and can be overcome by the Butterfly token earned by fasting.

Being greedy will result in a Snake omen and can be beaten with a Hawk token given for generosity.

Other omens are thorns, colored stones, and the black panther, which is almost impossible to defend against.

Other tokens are stars, bread, a fox, a mountain lion, and a red wooden heart.

I’ve included with the stones other symbols from the book: trees, feathers, bow & arrows, and Zander’s patron animal, the coyote.

11 thoughts on “What do the Tokens and Omens Mean?

  1. I found two in Dubois, Wyoming on August 21,2017 right after seeing the total eclipse. I feel I was lead to them.I knew nothing about them. When I found the second, I left it there thinking they were left for advertisement. Later that evening we went out for dinner. I said if it were still there, it was meant for me to find it also….it was still there waiting for me. Both stones are very different. The first was a smooth round stone with a dove or some kind of bird. The painted stone is blue and yellow with a red dot around 11:00. It feels very peaceful. The second one I found is on a piece of petrified wood and is rugged with what I think is a mountain lion. The colors are fire colors of red,orange and yellow. It is weird I was led to both. It was also my 69th birthday. I followed up on looking up your web sight to find out what this is all about.


    • Sonja – it certainly sounds like you were meant to find these stones! And how awesome to have a birthday on the eclipse day! My son lives in Dubois, and we were there for the big event too. Since my second book is out in three weeks, I decided to take some stones to leave. We had fun leaving them around the park area the night before the eclipse. The stones are symbols I used in the books. The dove you found first is a token given by Moira (Fate) for being kind. The second could be a mountain lion or a black panther, as I use both in the book. The mountain lion shows up to test Zander’s compassion, and the black panther is the most serious omen given, earned by cheating. You can choose which one you think it is.

      Thanks so much for letting me know you found them. I hope they bring you joy as a souvenir of an amazing day in Dubois!


      • Thank you for answering and explaining the symbols. I think I shall choose the mountain lion over the panther as I first thought it was a mountain lion…also cheating is not part of my lifestyle, so a panther would be a strange omen or token for me to find.

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    • The snake represents an omen from my book. Fate gave it out to questers if they lied. Thanks so much for letting me know that you found it! Escalante Canyon is one of my favorite places.


    • I painted the spiders kind of specifically for the Halloween season. The questers were driven from the safety of a tree because of a spider attack. They could no longer hide from the omens.


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