My week in Charleston exceeded anything I could have hoped for! Travel was easy, the weather was beautiful, and I connected with so many past and new friends.

Thank you to Joe at Bob’s Bookstore for being gracious and welcoming. The space was perfect for a signing and so much fun to hide the painted tokens and omens in for the treasure hunt.

Thanks to the Pathways students who’d all read TOKENS AND OMENS and were excited to talk with a “real” author. I loved hearing your comments and answering your excellent questions.


Thanks to Kattie and Julie at the Charleston Library for welcoming me and providing a space for a teen program that included painting rock tokens.


Thanks to family and friends who hosted me, fed me, and helped with the signing. And to all who came by on Tuesday for a few minutes or a couple of hours – I regret I didn’t have the time to talk that I would have liked, but I want you to know how much I appreciated your support!

At the Tattered Cover Bookstore in the Denver Airport. Someday my books will be on this shelf!


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