Updates & Bits & Pieces

CURSES AND WARFARE is scheduled to release in September (instead of July). With Jolly Fish Press being acquired as an imprint of North Star Editions, the process was delayed. I’m just thrilled that it’s still coming out with all the uncertainty that occurred in October!

Book 3, tentatively named THE MOON’S KNIGHT, is in the submission process. Fingers crossed! It’s the happily-ever-after for a character that didn’t get one in CURSES AND WARFARE. No spoilers, so I can’t say who that character is! And I’ve started Book 4 in the Puck’s Gulch world. This one jumps sixteen years into the future with the next generation of questers, who will be atoning for the mistakes of their parents.

Last, I’ll leave you with a picture of TOKENS AND OMENS on the shelf in my local library. What an awesome thing for me to see!


4 thoughts on “Updates & Bits & Pieces

  1. Hi, Jeri! Thanks for the news that you’re already writing book 4! Can hardly wait to read Book 2, “Curses and Warfare” in September.


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