Jeri Baird

Jeri Baird

Before becoming an author, Jeri Baird worked as a handmade paper artist, an entrepreneurship teacher for at-risk high school students, a reflexologist, a rock painter, and a zombie (in a film, not a real one).

After spending most of her life in rural Illinois, Jeri now lives on the Western Slope of Colorado with her husband and one cat, who both make her laugh. When she’s not writing, she enjoys kayaking, the scenery from the back of her husband’s motorcycle, and various art projects.

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  1. Just purchased a piece that you made in 1992. Purchased at a second hand store for the frame but when got home ready your story on the back of the piece. Now that I have read about you keeping the piece together and going to use in my home. Thought you might find this interesting!!

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    • Diane – I LOVE that you let me know this! Wow – it’s a small world. I made handmade paper from 1987 until 2001 (or so). If you don’t mind sharing, tell me what state you found it in and what the picture is of? You’ve made my day!


  2. Hi Jeri. I live in Shelbyville Il and found the picture in Decatur Il at a second hand store. Was looking for frames to use in different projects and bought it for the frame. But when I got home I really paid closer attention and found the story on the back I was trying to figureboutva way to send you a pic. It is in blue square frame and sort of looks like quilt block. Was dated 1992!! I will
    Post to my Facebook page. Maybe you could see it there!!

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    • I’ve always said if I’m ever included in a Folk Arts of the 90’s, the one thing they’ll say is that I was prolific!


  3. I am from Pathways in Mattoon, This book was amazing!! i loved the suspense, i couldn’t figure out what would happen to Zander and Alexa. I’m so glad and thankful for the books and they are a very great read! definitely going to share this book with others. one of my favorite books I’ve read. (i’m not much of a reader to begin with)


  4. Hello
    I was given a painting by a friend an the artist is Jeri l Baird
    I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about the original art on hand pulled from pulp painting I have


  5. Hi Jose,
    Thanks for letting me know! I made handmade embossed paper from 1987-2001. I started out selling at local art shows in Illinois and eventually had 3 sales reps who sold throughout the US and Japan. It’s fun for me to know I still have pieces out there that people enjoy. If you want to share what state you’re in and what the picture is, I’d love to know. Many of my designs were original and cut into clay. With some, I used cookie molds or other molds I found.

    Great to hear from you,


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